Monday, September 15, 2014


Lois Opoku green dress Michael Kors bag lisforlois
These shots were taken right after my morning at the Uniqlo store for the Ines de La Fressange collections launch and my awesome afternoon with Levis. I'm totally loving the reflections in the huge windows, perfectly matching to one of my favorite dresses. This dress is a piece from the last ASOS Africa collection. I got it at the ASOS sample sale where every dress cost 5€! (So lucky I grabbed it before Hadnet Tesfai (truly beautiful German TV personality), because she was really digging that dress and couldn't stop complementing me on my find.) Btw I never really revealed what I end up buying at that Sample Sale, but this is one of those dresses. Trust me, Sample Sales are THE B.E.S.T.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Michael Kors
Finally mine. The little designer bag of my dreams and a great quality rose gold watch. Check! Both had been on my wish list and my personal "Essentials for a timeless Wardrobe"-List. When Larissa sent me a pic of this bag via Whatsapp beginning of this year, I knew it was the one. The little not-so-ordinary designer bag I'd save up on for my timeless wardrobe. I nearly had all the money together with the 100€ gift voucher I got. But then I just lost the voucher. Moment of Horror! Owning this bag seemed so far away again. What a set back! But I was patient.
And then came along the collaboration with Designer Outlet Berlin and a Thank You gift card.
So after holding on very tightly to my new voucher and checking every 10 mins if it was still there, first thing I did after all work was done, was run to the MK Boutique and purchase my new baby. Turns out this baby was even reduced to 139€ from the initial 209€ (original price 339€).

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_111 LiveinLevis_EventBerlin_Credit_Pascal_Rohe_61
Last Thursday with Levi's felt like a perfect end to summer. The sun was back out, it was the beginning of Berlin Festival and Levi's invited us to the Oberhafenkantine (huuuge yard with a cute little wooden house and a glass house) to celebrate the launch of Levi's latest project: #LiveInLevis. The campaign features so many different people - people with different backgrounds - artist, dancers, barbers, singers, social media managers, Alexandra from 4thandbleeker (<3) in an image trailer whose lives couldn't be more unalike. It follows them in their Levi's as they uncover their tales. The trailer itself is pretty inspiring. But that's not all, if you visit your local Levi's Store, you'll discover more #LiveInLevis stories from local characters. The Berlin Kudamm store got a makeover from none other than the dudes from Dandy Diary & Jessie from

Thursday, September 04, 2014


The Designer Outlet Berlin is celebrating its birthday with a birthday week full of surprises and style (think special offers, live concerts and more!). And in all things style, they asked Özi from Fashion Monger, Dustin from Shiggers On Street, Anni from Bildhübsch Blog and me for our expertise and to interpret and come up with a modern Rock'n'Roll party outfit in a blogger challenge for their birthday party. This is the look I created. I chose a marble print shift dress from Mango which I combined with not one but two statement belts, because you know, it's rock'n'roll to go against norms, held together in around my hips. The total gem of this outfit is this stunner of a jacket by True Religion covered with black studs.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Dream now Lois Opoku black white look monochrome lisforlois
I spent Saturday with Mali, Tissi and Joeva at the Blogger Bazaar. The entrance fee of 8€ was way too much, but we kinda hung around until 8 downing as many Ciroc drinks and Haägen Dasz Cookies & Cream as we could and chilled out on the roof top until we made amends that there was no way we could get those 8€ back or make it worthwhile. Kudos to the girls from Blogger Bazaar for organizing everything and making it happen, no doubt, but those 8€ were definitely too much for an entrance fee. Especially if you were planning on going to actually shop there you kinda already left a lot just at the entrance. Nonetheless I had fun with my girls and I was really happy we could convince Mali to waste some cash as well and come hang out with us.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Saudade Street One Lois Opoku lisforlois

Saudade. One of my favorite words I've ever heard of. Just like Serendipity. I used to wonder why my super hot husband Neymar used this word so often on his Instagram along with long messages and pictures of people who I assumed to be dear ones of his. So I googled it and kept that word in my heart ever since. Its meaning so hard to translate but beautiful as the sound of it.
This currently one of my fav T-Shirts and I'm really proud to wear it. Not only because it says Saudade but because it was designed by my friends Desi & Nisi in collaboration with Street One during a recent blogger workshop and sort of press preview. I've been practically living in this T-Shirt. According to comments this shirt is highly in demand and I sincerely hope Street One decides to reproduce some more.

Street One. If I think about Street One, I don't exactly think "fashion forward!" or "yeah must go